For many consumers in Oregon and Washington, private student loan debt is spiraling out of control. The price for a good education has risen almost every year and more people are forced to borrow ever increasing sums in order to obtain a college degree. After graduation the payments commence and with a slowly recovering economy, many borrowers are just unable to support monthly payments. Fortunately, there are options. And we can help you find them!

Stop Private Student Loan Default

You don’t have to live in default or suffer the indignity of dealing with debt collectors.  Our team of experienced attorneys knows how to put an end to your default while we help you find the best long term debt relief solution and execute it. We are trained in the art of debt negotiation and can help you erase penalties, lower your payments or even eliminate your debt balances. Learn more here.

Stop Private Student Loan Collectors from Harassing You

Let us help you back off your private student loan collectors from bothering you or harassing your loved ones. Allow us to sue the collectors who don’t comply.

Many would be recipients in Washington and Oregon are not aware that loan forgiveness is even an option. People who devote their hours to public service, nonprofit work, or education in either Washington or Oregon may be eligible to have their student loan balances forgiven. Even if you don’t work in these areas, there are other options. However, the eligibility standards for loan forgiveness can be difficult to navigate. We can guide you through the process. Find out more here.

Discharge Student Loan Debt

While you may have heard that student loan debt is not dischargeable in bankruptcy, the truth is that there are cases where student loan debt can be discharged. School closure, false accreditation and personal disability are three criteria that could qualify you for a debt discharge. Our attorneys have a combined 44 years of debt discharge experience and can review your case to determine  if you qualify for a student loan debt discharge. Learn more about Discharging your Student Loan Debt here.