1. I missed my student loan payment, what can happen now?

2. I just can’t pay my monthly student loan payment. Are there any options?

3. I have already missed several payments, what are my options?

4. I’ve heard you can defer your loans indefinitely. Is this true?

5. Is there any time limit on how long the government can collect from me?

6. I didn’t receive my tax refund check. Does this have anything to do with my defaulted student loans?

7. I have defaulted on my student loan. Is it true that some of my paycheck can be withheld?

8. Are private consolidation loans a good idea?

9. Will my Student Loan be Discharged When I Die?

10. What’s the Difference between Default and Deficiency?

11. What are the Differences between Rehabilitation and Consolidation for Federal Loans?

12. Can I change my student loans into a more affordable payment plan?

13. What are the key differences between consolidation and rehabilitation for federal student loans?

14. How do I keep out of default?

15. What is a grace period?

16. What is a deferment?

17. Can I switch to making payments that take my income into consideration?

18. What are the consequences of default on federal loans?

19. What’s the difference between the two federal loan programs?

20. If I am dissatisfied with the school I attended can I discharge my loans?